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Our story is important because the stories of single parent families are important.

We are thrilled and honored to share with you stories of single parents connected with Single Parent Provision. We treasure each family we have the great privilege of getting to know, and we hope you will find their stories to be as encouraging as we do.

Meet Richard
Meet Mandra
Meet Lot
Meet Danielle
Meet Christina
Meet Kristi

Meet Our Featured Families

Meet Richard - Richard finds joy amidst the challenges.

Meet Mandra - Mandra found a new perspective and embraces her single parent life.

Meet Lot - Lot meets each day with a positive outlook on life.

Meet Danielle - Danielle realized her story is bigger than just her and found a healing path forward.

Meet Christina - Christina encourages others to not give up and look for the positive in every situation.

Meet Kristi - Kristi recognized she has all she needs with her faith and her daughter by her side.

Reflection Stories

In addition to our regular Featured Family stories, we are excited to bring you Reflection Stories! Hear from those who have been single parents during a season of their life and can now reflect back to share the lessons learned from their journey. We hope these stories will inspire single parents who are in the midst of their own journeys and help those who have never been a single parent become more familiar with the unique joys and challenges single parents face.

Meet Teri - Teri learned to let go of the impossible expectations she set for herself and seek after God's fullness instead. 

Meet Trecie - Trecie experienced beauty through her ashes.

Meet Nick - Nick encourages single parents to have a long-term vision.

Meet Jean - Jean speaks from the heart when she tells single parents it is worth the fight.

Meet Teri
Meet Trecie
Meet Nick

The views conveyed in each of the Featured Family and Reflection Stories found on our website or any other media from Single Parent Provision (SPP) are based solely on information given to SPP by the parent sharing as they perceive it to be true. SPP is not responsible for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or opinions expressed by the parent in sharing their story. 

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